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    Darby Finance helps clients make better financial decisions by transforming complex data into a compelling and easy-to-understand financial story. We work alongside our clients to provide services ranging from customized financial models, financial planning & analysis and sophisticated investor presentations to financial forensics and litigation support while utilizing more than 40 years of experience in valuation, finance and investor relations.

    Our clients know the power of a compelling financial story.

    A financial story, told through customized financial modeling and sophisticated investor presentations, has the power to transform your venture into an attractive opportunity worthy of investment. It helps you make better financial decisions.

    At Darby Finance, we help our clients tell their company’s or project’s story and present their unique value proposition in a way investors, lenders, buyers, and management can easily understand. With over 40 years of experience developing complex financial models and insightful, easy-to-understand investor presentations, we get what’s at stake and why it’s so important to tell your financial story.

    Our Services

    Financial modeling consultants in Houston

    Customized Financial Modeling

    Using financial modeling customized to your specific business or project, we go beyond what an off-the-shelf tool will do for you. We don’t just screen your investments. We take into consideration all the unique aspects of your financial story to give you financial transparency.

    Investment Pitch Book Designer

    Sophisticated Pitch Books

    An insightful investor presentation, or pitch book, designed to share your financials in the best light is the polishing touch on any financial story. Our investment presentations showcase your financials in a way that is easy to understand and gets investors excited about your venture.

    Financial modeling consultants in Houston

    Finance Staff Augmentation

    Darby Finance provides finance staff augmentation to growing investment banking firms and leading oil & gas, healthcare and government organizations. Enjoy the flexible staffing strategy that enables you to augment your team with seasoned financial professionals.

    Investment Pitch Book Designer

    Thoughtful Financial Planning and Analysis

    With clear, customizable reports and presentations, our clients have graduated from making important decisions on the back of a napkin, to gaining access to the same budgeting processes and insightful analysis that larger competitors have benefited from for decades.

    Financial and Engineering Presentations

    Transparent Financial Communications

    Darby Finance provides a seasoned investor relations team with hands-on experience to steer you away from any potential financial communication breaks, and allows you to deliver your message with clarity to your decision team. We give you the know-how to build investor confidence.

    Financial and Engineering Presentations

    Experienced Litigation Support

    Financial litigation is often complicated and confusing. Finding credible expert witnesses who are able to withstand tough scrutiny is an arduous task. Darby Finance’s team of financial professionals possesses the necessary education, expertise, and hands-on experience needed to provide credible expert witness testimony and litigation support.

    Make Better Financial Decisions

    As a growing business, you have to make financial decisions quickly, often without the help of the sophisticated financial tools your larger competitors use. Darby Finance recognizes the need for growing businesses to have access to financial tools and models that give them more customization than off-the-shelf tools like IHS PowerTools or ARIES Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software. Our customized financial models, valuations, and investor presentations are designed with your business or venture in mind and are flexible enough to withstand market changes, contract nuances, tax laws, and a variety of different scenarios. With Darby Finance, you get clarity on every venture you undertake, giving you the ability to obtain maximum value and the confidence to make better financial decisions.


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