• Providing business valuation, litigation support, and financial forensic investigations to support better financial decisions.

    Our Valuation & Litigation Support Practice provides expert witness services relating to the value of a business; loss of a business or segment of a business; determination of reasonable compensation; and other financial matters.

    Business Valuation

    At Darby, we perform business valuations for a wide variety of reasons. We have valued thousands of companies across all industry sectors. Our professionals are highly credible and certified to perform accurate and effective business valuations. We are often retained by opposing parties with differing valuations of a business or a business interest.

    Darby brings years of dedicated expertise, practical experience, and professional resources to accurately determine the value of the business or interest at issue. Darby’s Valuation Services provides an independent analysis using an in-depth understanding of accepted valuation methodologies to produce supportable valuations. Each valuation is based on the facts and circumstances at the time of valuation.

    Valuing a business requires considerable judgment and expertise. An independent valuation expert brings the benefits of professional training, experience and third-party objectivity to the process. Our help in valuing damages is based upon realistic assumptions that properly reflect the current economic environment. We make sure the evidence supports the assumptions and findings.

    Litigation Support

    Darby has extensive experience assisting counsel and their clients in evaluating and calculating damages in complex commercial litigation. We have developed proven methodologies and economic models for purposes of quantifying damages.

    Our Litigation Support practice provides services to counsel for plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of areas, including consulting with clients and counsel on all phases of litigation from discovery through trial, providing oral and written testimony as opinion, rebuttal, and/or fact witnesses, conducting interviews and fraud investigations.

    Darby also offers financial and damage analysis for a variety of claims, including contract disputes, torts, infringement of intellectual property, wrongful termination, and lost wage claims. Our professionals have earned degrees from prestigious universities, maintain relevant professional certifications such as the CVA and MAFF, and have experience providing valuable insights and credible testimony in litigation, alternative dispute resolution and investigations.

    Financial Forensic Investigations

    Darby’s Financial Forensics practice is focused on gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating financial information for use in the resolution of legal disputes. Our forensic investigation will look beyond the numbers to identify missing or incomplete data, financial discrepancies, and/or financial fraud. We assist in translating complex financial issues into a more understandable manner and produce a clear and concise analysis.

    We work closely with legal professionals, their clients, and advisors to provide the necessary financial tools and achieve the desired outcome.

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