• Experienced financial professionals to help you make better financial decisions.

    Darby Finance provides finance staff augmentation to growing investment banking firms and leading oil & gas, healthcare and government organizations.

    What is Finance Staff Augmentation?

    Finance staff augmentation is a flexible staffing strategy that enables you to augment your existing team with experienced financial professionals – when you need them most.

    You are the one to choose from either our on-staff financial consultants or from our network of financial professionals. Staff augmentation is provided to you on either a short- or long-term basis, even if you need only a few hours of support each quarter. Your chosen finance professional(s) is employed directly by Darby finance, thereby eliminating the cost and liability of making new full-time hires. This also allows you to match your resource needs and costs to the demands of your business.

    What are the Benefits of Finance Staff Augmentation?

    • High productivity level – staff augmentation enables a higher level of productivity because the financial professionals are focused on a single project 100% of their work time, in contrast to an in-house employee that may pulled in multiple directions or not be fully needed 100% of the time or may not have a specific skill or experience required for a particular assignment.
    • Flexibility – you gain access to a wide talent pool of experienced finance professionals that have industry and/or investment banking experience and you can replace the professional if your requirements change or if there is not a good match. This is harder and more expensive when you hire directly.
    • Cost efficiency – you don’t incur the costs of a full-time employee when you don’t have the need for a full-time employee. You also don’t have to worry about any administrative or organizational expenses such as office space workstations if you choose remote support.

    Tell Us Your Needs

    You simply tell us what you’re looking for, your expectations and requirements. We’ll provide you with a list of finance professionals that meet your requirements. If you are requiring full-time support for a specific period, you’ll have the ability to interview the professional to ensure the best fit.

    Staff Augmentation Categories & Roles


    Our finance professionals have in-depth experience with financial modeling, financial planning & analysis, pitch book design and company presentation development to support your specific requirements.

    • Financial Analyst – minimum 2 years’ experience with bachelor’s degree
    • Financial Associate – minimum 4 years’ experience with bachelor’s degree
    • Financial Manager – minimum 7 years’ experience with bachelor’s degree
    • Financial Director – minimum 10 years’ experience with master’s degree
    • CFO – minimum 16 years’ experience with master’s degree

    Investor Relations (IR)

    • IR Analyst – minimum 2 years’ experience with bachelor’s degree
    • IR Manager – minimum 7 years’ experience with bachelor’s degree
    • IR Director – minimum 10 years’ experience with bachelor’s degree
    • Chief Investor Relations Officer – minimum 16 years’ experience with master’s degree

    Why Augment Your Team with Darby Finance?

    • Wide Access - you’ll have access to 5,000+ top financial professionals
    • Top Education & Experience - over 80% of our financial consultants have master’s degrees from top universities and a majority of our consultants have worked for Fortune 500 companies a leading investment banks
    • Flexible Use – you only pay for the time used; there’s no minimum required hours in order to work with one of our experienced professionals

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