• Top 3 Tips: Presenting an Investment Opportunity to Management

    Presenting an Investment OpportunityCommunication is critical for companies, both internally and externally. When dealing with presenting an investment opportunity, communication oftentimes becomes more difficult because the material can be complex and difficult to understand. A project team will work for months to understand, refine, and negotiate a project, but when the team goes before the board or management for approval, it can be challenging to prepare an effective communication/financial presentation after being embedded in the project for so long.

    However, there are three critical parts when presenting an investment opportunity to management. These 3 tips can clarify the project and communicate the financial investment in a compelling way.

    Presenting an Investment Opportunity TIP 1: Team’s Recommendation

    To introduce the financial investment, begin your investment presentation deck with a clear and concise message about your team’s recommendation. The recommendation should include enough high level points to support the recommendation and provide a content summary of the investment deck, while clearly communicating the direction you wish the board or management to take.

    Presenting an Investment Opportunity TIP 2: Visual Aids

    We process images 60,000 times faster than text. Additionally, researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Management found that our audience is 43% more likely to take our desired course of action based off of visual aids. In every Darby Finance Investment Presentation, we include charts, tables, and graphs to support the facts and presumptions of the opportunity, as well as to highlight areas of risk. While your investment presentation should not only be comprised of visual aids, charts and graphs that support the facts and more concisely tell your financial story, it can also be a much more compelling way to present your project.

    Presenting an Investment Opportunity TIP 3: Summary

    To conclude the project presentation, a project summary should be included at the end of your investment presentation. The summary should be high level enough to be understood by someone new to the project, while still being detailed enough to provide the necessary information to make a decision. Everything in the investment presentation deck should support the high level data provided in the summary, giving investors the chance to see how you arrived at your conclusions in the summary.

    An investment presentation is much more than a flip deck. Knowing how to best communicate your financial investment project effectively depends on the delivery of the presentation and what materials decision makers will be given to assist their decision making. If you’re ready to transform your flip decks into compelling investment presentations, contact Darby Finance today.

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