• Pitching to Investors Effectively

    Effectively pitching to investors requires more than just presenting data; it requires a clear investment message. You must be ready to have a compelling answer to the question “Why should I invest in this particular opportunity?”.

    Investors receive thousands of requests for funding and, on average, only fund 10 percent of the pitches they hear. When crafting your pitch books for investors or your investor presentations, incorporate these tips to a winning pitch.

    When Pitching to Investors, K.I.S.S.

    We’ve all seen that acronym before, but let’s revise what it stands for: Keep It Simple and Short. You should be able to clearly explain the core of your investment opportunity within ten minutes or less. Keep the information presented simple and easy to understand, and keep to the essentials. If you deliver key information in a compelling way, investors will then have time to ask specific questions and dive deeper into the information you’ve presented. A good way to evaluate if your pitch is ready is to see if you can explain your investment opportunity in 50 words or less.

    Tell Your Financial Story

    Our brains are hardwired to receive stories. Pitching to investors by way of telling your financial story is an effective way to present your opportunity and show why it matters to that particular investment group and their portfolio. A great way to tell your financial story is through the use of customized DCF models. Darby Finance’s techniques present a concise and transparent DCF model that is investor-presentation-ready.

    Don’t Underestimate Enthusiasm

    Investors also look at the project team when they are making decisions on who to fund. A lifeless presentation with a monotone presenter is less likely to make an impact than the presentation where the project team is excited about the opportunity’s prospects, how the project plan will be implemented, and the belief they have in the project’s ultimate success.

    Investor Pitch Book Aesthetics

    Finally, a well designed pitch book or investor presentation goes a long way toward keeping the investment team sitting at the table. Your investor pitch book should be branded and easy-to-read, with compelling visuals that help tell your financial story with a big impact.

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