• Winning pitch book design services to accelerate better financial decisions.

    Pitch books focus on communicating the most critical information to aid with capital raising or with the sale of a company, asset portfolio or project. It helps sellers, brokers and investment bankers translate complex market, engineering and financial data into a sales document used to facilitate an investment decision from a buyer. So, what does it take to build a winning pitch book design? Darby Finance's pitch book design services can help.

    Our pitch book portfolio is extensive – supporting the investment in energy, utilities and renewable energy projects as well as 20+ other industries, including technology, retail and manufacturing.

    What Do You Need in Your Winning Pitch Book?

    As an example, a pitch book for an oil & gas investment may include:

    • Investment Opportunity
    • Economics
    • Production Profiles
    • Project Schedule
    • HSE Plan Management Team

    PITCH BOOK CASE STUDY: Compare the Difference

    When an upstream energy start-up seeking to raise $100M in capital for a shallow water play in the Gulf of Mexico, Darby Finance was hired to design and produce a pitch book to tell their story. What started as a generic document with highly complex engineering and financial data, transformed into a pitch book that was clear, concise and compelling to investors.

    How to Build a Winning Pitch Book Design

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    Pitch Book Design (Section 1)
    Investment Opportunity

    A Winning Darby Pitch Book begins with a customized look and feel that supports your company brand and the investment opportunity. The objective of this section is to build a positive perception among potential investors of your company and provide an overall understanding of the investment portfolio, production profile and return on investment.

    Pitch Book Design (Section 1): Investment Opportunity

    Pitch Book Design (Section 2)

    The economics section summarizes the outputs of the financial model in a way that is easy to understand the most important financial information including base case and upside case profiles and sensitives to changing conditions.

    Pitch Book Design (Section 2): Economics

    Pitch Book Design (Section 3)
    Asset Summaries

    Asset summaries provide a deep-dive into the tangible assets, leases or equipment related to the investment opportunity.

    Pitch Book Design (Section 3): Asset Summaries

    Pitch Book Design (Section 4)
    Project Execution Plan

    The project execution plan section includes the key tasks, timelines, management team, risk management and HSE information that inform how the project team intends to deliver on-time, on-schedule and within regulatory compliance standards.

    Pitch Book Design (Section 4): Project Execution Plan

    Pitch Book Design (Section 5)

    The call-to-action section addresses the main risks or objections that may arise from potential investors and provides information about next steps in how to invest.

    Pitch Book Design (Section 5): Call-to-Action

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