• Utilize custom, insightful analytics and reports to make better financial decisions

    Each month, once the books are closed, a full financial review is not far away. You’ll be able to view budget vs actual reports, review and adjust rolling forecasts and be able to adjust to make the best decisions for your business.

    We provide monthly reports that are customized for your specific needs. You will have access to your financial results and forecasts using cloud-based dashboards and reports. You will also receive monthly reports that have been tailored to your specific needs based on the input you provided during the setup in Month 1.

    Web-based Analytics

    Darby provides a web-based dashboard and reporting tool that works in tandem with budgeting and forecasting tool. We can now effectively collaborate without the headaches of printing and disseminating report packages. The web-based dashboards and reporting tools quickly provide access to both high level KPIs and detailed financial performance.

    We upload the data from our budgeting & forecasting tool to the web-based tool and then customize your Analytics dashboard. With built-in user management, we can easily share information securely and control access to as many additional users as you need.

    The web-based analytics feature includes:

    • Shared and Private Dashboards
    • Scorecard
    • Budget vs Actual
    • Detailed Financial Statement Charts/Reports
    • Detailed Non-Financial Metrics
    • More…

    Custom Reports & Presentations

    Our budgeting & forecasting tool allows us to build and run custom reports that are specific to your business needs. In Month 1, we will work collaboratively with you to select a custom presentation that can be used by company management to drive decision making, profitability and accountability. You will receive a custom presentation as well as financial reports and ratios.

    Management Presentations

    We create a custom PowerPoint presentation that will be used to communicate actual results and variances. We also deliver an annual presentation summarizing the budget and 5-year plan that can be used for management communications.

    Custom Report Layouts

    With the use of an Excel-based reporting add-in, we are able to build advanced reports in Excel using the budget and forecasts analyses as building blocks. We integrate ratios, calculations, charts and other metrics into your reports, all of which can be updated with a click of the mouse each month. Our creativity is the only limit.

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