• What Investors Look for in Your Pitch Book

    You’ve developed your financial model, you’re confident in your investment opportunity, and you’re ready to present the opportunity to investors. But what should you include in your pitch book? Another way to think about this is, what do investors look for in your pitch book?

    After twenty-plus years of working with investors and boards in the oil and energy industry, we’ve fine-tuned what to include in pitch books to get you to the next level of interest.

    Clarity in the Opportunity

    Most investment groups who are actively growing review more pitch books and investment opportunities than you’d expect. If an opportunity is presented in a pitch book without clear financials, a logical flow to the information, and a strong financial story, they are likely to pass in favor of another opportunity even if your opportunity is the stronger one. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of clear, clean financials that present your opportunity in a compelling way. Your financials should never be presented as a snapshot of an Excel model, but instead, should be presented in the most appealing visual way possible. For more tips on this, check out this post and video on How to Make Compelling Investment Presentations.

    Complements Existing Portfolio

    Rather than taking the shotgun approach when researching investment teams, it’s best to narrow down who you present to by reviewing their existing portfolio. Investors like projects that complement, not compete with, their current portfolio. In your pitch book, you should include specifically how your project best complements their portfolio and/or how it helps their portfolio grow.

    ROI Investors Can Bank On

    ROI for an investment group is everything. Most investment groups have a target ROI for new projects that they are unwilling to change. Presenting the ROI, both from a financial perspective and from a future opportunities perspective, in a clear and upfront way, will strike confidence that both you and the investment group are a good fit for each other.

    Risks Associated with the Project

    It is also important to be upfront about any risks associated with the project. In Darby’s pitch books for our oil and energy clients, we include an HS&E section that lists any potential risks, permits, or environmental concerns that the project could or will encounter. Investors have a pre-defined risk level that they are willing to take on and being clear about those risks will inspire confidence in you, your project, and your project team.

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