• Tell Your Financial Story Using Investment Presentations

    When you get ready to raise capital for your investment or project, most people understand the importance of having a good valuation or a customized financial model that supports your valuation. However, often people overlook the importance of a great financial story, told in a way that is relevant, compelling, and visually attractive. Here are a few recommendations for creating investment presentations that stand out among the competition.

    Professional Investment Presentations

    It has been proven that book covers sell books, and your investment presentations to your key decision makers is subject to the same rule. Investment presentations that are professionally designed to represent your company’s brand and are laid out in a clear, easy to follow format, are much more likely to elicit further conversations.

    Relevant Investment Presentations

    Every investment presentation should be crafted with the unique stakeholders in mind. Each set of stakeholders will be more interested in one set of data versus the other. Tailoring your investment presentations so that the most relevant information for that stakeholder is featured will lead to your project standing out among the competition.

    Follow the Financial Story Line

    Your investment presentations should be thoughtfully organized so that the flow of statistics, project details, and economics tells a compelling financial story. Starting with the Table of Contents, you can give your potential investors a quick glance at what they can expect from your investment presentation. Other topics to consider including in your investment presentations are:

    • Opportunity Overview
    • Economics of the Project
    • Timeline
    • Health and Safety
    • Track Record of Success

    Most important throughout all of this is the concise organization of information, utilizing visual aids like charts and graphs, as well as making sure the key points of your project are featured in an easy-to-explain way that will allow the investors to talk about the project and your financial story when you are not present.

    Other questions to consider answering in your investment presentations are:

    • What makes your opportunity compelling from an economic standpoint?
    • What are the key measures of merit for the different assets you’re looking at, for the different companies, or the overall portfolio?
    • What is your particular investment proposal?
    • What is the credibility or expertise of your team?
    • Are there any key risks to your project?
    • How will you mitigate known risks?

    Darby Finance always includes the bios of the project team members and a way to contact the team for additional questions after the presentation. Additionally, you should include the next steps you’d like the investment team to take after the presentation.

    If you’d like to learn more about how Darby Finance can help your investment presentations stand out among your competition, contact us today.

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