• A Financial Modeling Success Story

    How do you make sound investment decisions without financial modeling?

    “I don’t know of any other firm that provides the level of experience needed for complex energy projects. Darby developed a high quality and easy-to-use financial model that was placed in our VDR. The pitch book gave us the professional look we desired and the information highlighted the key drivers and unique selling points of the project. We plan to use Darby on all future M&A transactions.”

    – Managing Director, Boutique Investment Bank

    A growing boutique investment bank, faced with the challenge of raising millions in equity without the internal financial resources came to Darby Finance for help.

    The Problem: Raising Equity Without Internal Resources for Financial Modeling

    Darby Finance’s client, a growing boutique investment bank, was given the mandate from an offshore E&P company to raise up to $150 million of equity for a Gulf of Mexico development project. The client did not have the internal resources to develop a dynamic, Excel-based financial model needed to value the multi-block project or the creative resources to develop a professional investor pitch book.

    Darby Finance’s Solution

    The Darby team created a dynamic financial model that accommodated up to 10 different licenses to handle necessary ‘what-if’ scenarios to aid negotiations. The investor presentation book that Darby created provided a clear investment overview, including detailed sections on the economics, licenses, development overview, project plan, HSE, risks & uncertainties and next steps.

    The Result

    The client had tremendous positive feedback on the model and investor presentation book that was placed in the virtual data room. The model had a direct impact on maximizing the value of the project. Notably, the client improved the E&P company’s returns by understanding the trade-offs during negotiations.

    Darby Finance delivers customized financial models to help you make better financial decisions.

    About Darby Finance – A Leading Financial Consulting Firm

    Darby Finance helps our clients make better financial decisions by transforming complex data into a compelling and easy-to-understand financial story. We work alongside our clients to develop customized financial models, valuations, and sophisticated investor presentations while utilizing more than 40 years of experience in energy, finance and investor relations.

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