• Delivering dynamic financial modeling services to support better financial decisions.

    What's the one common tool all Fortune 50 companies use to support their financial decisions? ... an Excel-based financial model. How do you get one? ... with Darby's financial modeling services.

    An Excel-based financial model.

    Working in Excel gives financial models the ability to be dynamic - something off the shelf valuation tools like IHS PowerTools or ARIES Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software simply cannot offer.

    With over 20 years creating Excel-based financial models for Fortune 50 companies, Darby Finance's team of financial modeling experts have created a financial modeling system based in Excel that is both customizable to the specifications of your business or venture, and flexible enough to handle fluctuations in the market, changing negotiation terms, weather delays, and countless other dynamic variables.

    Why You Need A Financial Modeling Services Firm

    When working a deal or investment opportunity, change happens. No matter if the change is internal - like appropriate risk level or purchasing delays - or external - like the cost of oil or a natural disaster - you need financial model services that are capable of handling it all.

    With Darby Finance's Customized Financial Model, you get:

    • Model Map and Instructional Guide
    • Dynamic Inputs
    • Visual comparisons with Charts and Graphs
    • Insights from Sensitivity Analysis
    • Decision Metrics (IRR, NPV, Payback)
    • Error Checking System
    Financial Modeling Services Firm - Darby Finance
    Darby Finance DCF Model Example

    Download a Financial Modeling Example

    For more information about our financial modeling process, download an example of our model or give us a call!


    Investor-Ready Financial Models

    An insightful investor presentation, or pitch book, designed to share your financials in the best light is the polishing touch on any financial story. Darby Finance’s sophisticated investment presentations showcase your financials in a way that is easy to understand and gets investors excited about your venture.

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