• Benefits of a Financial Modeling Consultant

    Large corporations have vast resources and teams of highly-educated financial analysts to develop sophisticated financial models, which often puts small and growing businesses at a disadvantage when making investment decisions. With a collective 40 years supporting Fortune 50 energy companies, the financial modeling consultants at Darby Finance realized the need to provide accessibility to sophisticated financial models to small and growing businesses, which helps put them on the same playing field as their larger competitors.

    Beyond giving expert guidance and the confidence to move forward with – or back away from – any deal, bringing a financial modeling consultant on board has plenty of benefits to give you a competitive advantage.

    Leverage Financial Modeling Experience

    A financial modeling consultant provides the vast experience of a financial analyst team at a fraction of the cost. With experienced consultants crafting and leading your financial modeling and valuations for your assets and ventures, you’ll gain the level of sophistication of your larger competitors without the burden of hiring a team of financial analysts to assess your investment decisions.

    Darby Finance’s financial modeling consultants have hands-on experience in modeling complex deals and understand the flexible nature of negotiations. Every Darby Finance Excel-based financial model includes a custom input section that allows for quick changes, easy model updates, and robust sensitivity analyses. Our experience with executive decision makers and boards of directors has taught us to know exactly what kinds of key information and metrics inform their decisions. As such, we have created a clear and concise summary page that includes visual charts and graphs, as well as decision metrics such as IRR, NPV, and Payback as well as industry-specific metrics in each of our financial models.

    Gain Confidence with a Financial Modeling Consultant

    Many small and growing businesses use off-the-shelf valuation tools like IHS PowerTools or ARIES Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software. While these tools are a good first-pass for evaluating an investment decision, they lack the customization needed to fully analyze the complexity of specific transactions. Contracting with a financial modeling consultant ensures that your venture has been evaluated from every financial angle, giving you a clear picture of the value of the venture so you don’t leave money on the table during negotiations. 

    A financial modeling consultant will also provide you with a concise and easy-to-understand explanation of the model as well as an investment presentation, so you can easily talk with investors or your team about the financial highlights of the venture.

    Darby Finance’s financial modeling consultants use a rigorous Excel-based financial modeling approach that allows us to account for all specifications of your business or venture, handle fluctuations in the market, changing negotiation terms, weather delays, and countless other dynamic variables.

    Obtain Reliable Company Valuations and Asset Valuations

    A financial modeling consultant also has the expertise to offer reliable company valuations and asset valuationsAsset valuations and company valuations are high-stakes tasks. Errors in calculations or a misinterpretation of the data can lead to a devaluation of your venture, or money left on the table during negotiations.

    Our team understands how important it is to get an accurate and transparent calculation. Darby Finance utilizes a variety of valuation approaches, including discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis and comparable transactions / comparable companies to view your deal from all angles. Our consultants have conducted hundreds of valuations, ranging from multi-billion dollar assets that require upfront investment to detailed company valuations that support acquisition and divestiture activities.

    The Power of a Financial Modeling Consultant

    A financial modeling consultant brings the power of a financial analyst team to your organization without the cost of hiring multiple financial analysts. In addition, a financial modeling consultant has the ability to be fully dedicated to one particular asset or venture, giving you full-time access to make changes to your financial model as needed. Any company who is making a moderate to major investment decision should have a financial modeling consultant on their team.

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    Darby Finance helps our clients make better financial decisions by transforming complex data into a compelling and easy-to-understand financial story. We work alongside our clients to develop customized financial models, valuations, and sophisticated investor presentations while utilizing more than 40 years of experience in energy, finance and investor relations.

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