Objective, documented financial litigation support for complex energy and resource valuation claims.

When navigating complex energy claims - from partnership dissolutions to tariff disputes - your legal team needs expert financial guidance and insight to represent your interests most effectively. Darby Finance’s valuation expertise, focused on the energy and resource industry, allows your legal team to collapse the timeline to fully understanding your business and convincingly present the issues.

Why Financial Litigation Support with Darby?

Positive outcomes to legal claims depend on a firm with valuation experts who have credible and documented industry and valuation experience. With over 40 years of Fortune 50 energy company experience, our financial team offers a wealth of time-tested financial insights and expertise to help you best present your legal arguments.

Financial Litigation Support - Expert Witnesses

Industry Focus

Defensible valuations require credible experts who have substantial experience. Darby Finance’s litigation support team is focused exclusively on the complex energy and resource industry. Our experts have delivered reliable energy valuations for over four decades, and our portfolio of business and project valuations include upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, power, and renewables clients.

Valuation Experience

A successful litigation outcome is often contingent upon a well-documented and articulated explanation of the valuation approach and the supporting analysis and calculations. Darby Finance’s extensive experience in valuing complex energy assets, projects, and companies, as well as our valuation approach, including discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses, comparable transactions/companies analyses, and market multiples, give you confidence that we’re experienced at the tough and controversial calculations that can lead to litigation success.

Credible Experts

Financial litigation is often complicated and confusing. Finding credible expert witnesses who are able to withstand tough scrutiny is an arduous task. Darby Finance’s team of financial professionals possess the necessary education, expertise, and hands-on experience needed to provide credible expert witness testimony and litigation support.

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