• Messaging and financial communications programs to support better financial decisions.

    Clear financial communications within a company between executive management and the board of directors, or between mid-level and senior management, is critical when making strategic, financial decisions.

    Darby Finance provides a seasoned financial communications & investor relations team with hands-on experience to steer you away from any potential financial communication breaks, and allows you to deliver your message with clarity to your decision team. With over 40 years of experience with both Fortune 50 companies and investment banks, Darby Finance gives you the know-how to build investor relations by building investor confidence.

    Financial Communications and Investor Relations Team

    Financial Communications Programs for Public and Private Companies

    • Corporate messaging for the investment community
    • Investment presentation and pitch book development
    • Development and/or refinement of public financial data
    • Management and coordination of quarterly earnings release and investor conference calls
    • Financial press release drafting and review
    • Pre-IPO planning
    • Peer group analysis
    • Q&A development
    • Analysis of equity analyst estimated earnings
    • Strategic internal communications
    • Funding and communications sounding board

    CASE STUDY: Investment Presentation

    When an upstream energy start-up sought to raise $100M in capital for a shallow water play in the Gulf of Mexico, Darby Finance was hired to design and produce a pitch book to tell their story. We took a relatively generic document packed full with highly complex engineering and financial data, and transformed it into an investor presentation that was clear, concise and compelling.

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    financial communications with pitchbook development

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