• What Effective Investment Presentations Have in Common

    When is the last time you evaluated the effectiveness of your investment presentations? After more than twenty years of presenting investment opportunities to key decision makers, Darby Finance has studied the elements that the most effective investment presentations have in common.

    Easy-to-Understand Language

    One of the hardest things to get right in any presentation is the words you choose to present your case. Rather than use high-brow language that requires a dictionary to translate, the most effective investment presentations have language that is clear and does not allow for misinterpretation of the data. The best presentations use language that is easy-to-understand, without sacrificing the appearance of professionalism and expertise.

    Visual Aides

    Studies have shown that our minds process images much faster than we are able to process words. Investment presentations that strategically use visual aids like charts, graphs, and tables tend to be more effective than ones that either use these aids haphazardly or not at all. A visual aid should tell part of the financial story, not just re-represent textual data in the form of a chart.

    When evaluating your investment presentations, do you have data that would be better and more clearly represented in a chart or graph, rather than in a paragraph?

    A Compelling Case – The Unique Value Proposition

    What about your investment opportunity sets you apart from your competitors or other similar projects? Highlighting the unique elements of your specific opportunity make for a compelling case. Knowing how to best highlight these elements and tell your financial story in a compelling way that makes investors sit straighter in their seats is what Darby Finance does best.

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