• Defining the Opportunity in Your Investment Presentation

    Your investment presentation is integral to presenting your new project or investment opportunity to potential investors. However, how you present the opportunity matters. In your pitch deck, or investment presentation, you should start by introducing the opportunity in a way that is geared toward your potential investors. This post will cover tips on what to include and the angle that should be taken when presenting to different key stakeholders.

    The Opportunity Impact Statement

    Your investment presentation should start with a brief impact statement that describes what the opportunity is in a way that is easy to understand and sparks interest from investors. Some everyday examples of successful opportunity impact statements are:


    What is thefacebook.com?

    thefacebook.com is an expanding online directory that connects students, alumni, faculty and staff through social networks at colleges and universities. This online directory allows for user connections on the basis of friendship, courses and social networks (including intra and inter-school networks), and has a built-in messaging system.


    Company Purpose: To become the primary outlet of user-generated video content on the Internet, and to allow anyone to upload, share, and browse this content.

    Generic Oil and Gas Project

    ACMECO has acquired a group of leases representing what management believes are long-term, low-cost, stable reserves that are de-risked of Gulf of Mexico (GOM) shallow development drilling opportunities. Over the past two years, ACMECO has secured 11 shallow GOM blocks for minimum bid.

    Visual Elements

    All successful investment presentations include visual elements to clearly tell their financial story “in a snapshot.” For our clients’ investment presentations, we include a visually appealing table that succinctly answers key investor questions.

    Key Investor Questions

    Certain key questions should be included in the initial introduction to your investment opportunity.

    • Why [Region X] …. For example: “Why Gulf of Mexico” – then provide the top 2-3 compelling reasons why investors want exposure to this region
    • Why Invest? – this is your opportunity to explain why investing in this region and your project is more compelling than other opportunities
    • Why now? – provide the insightful reasons why now is the right time. For example, there could be a new tax policy in effect, taking advantage of available distressed assets, etc.
    • Why [Your company] – List the reasons why investment in your company/project is better than investing with competing projects and companies. For example: Your company has a proven track record of successful projects, you’re a low-cost operator, experienced management team, etc.

    High-Level Overview

    Your investment presentation should also include a high-level overview of each asset, basin, or region. This overview should provide just enough information to spark the interest of potential investors.

    Talking the Talk

    Keep in mind that it is important that the information is geared toward the intended audience. If you are presenting to financial investors, then keep the detailed information – such as engineering and seismic data – in an appendix, or create a separate presentation for technical reviewers. Knowing your audience is as key to success as is the data and the way it is presented.

    Providing a polished and professional investment presentation is often your first impression with an investor…and should not be your last!

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