• Sophisticated energy companies utilize decision support to make better financial decisions

    Darby provides decision support to small and growing energy companies to evaluate risk and opportunities.

    ‘What-If’ Support

    In the energy industry, nothing is a sure thing. We will help you prepare for the number of contingencies your business will face. Our robust planning framework provides a forecasting tool to help interpret the impact of specific events on your business. We can help answer common, but critical questions like whether your company has sufficient liquidity to withstand a material decrease in commodity prices. Should you lease or buy? When should you invest in new opportunities? We can plug these scenarios into the forecast before you make the final decision.

    We will create a rolling forecast that is dynamic and has the flexibility to handle an array of ‘what-if’ scenarios. Most small and rapidly growing businesses frequently make important decisions on the back of a napkin. With a Rolling Forecast, we’re be able to help you analyze all of these decisions in the most intelligent way possible.

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