• Financial Planning & Analysis support to prepare businesses for better financial decisions.

    Very few small and growing businesses have the in-house resources to implement a regular budgeting process with management review and a rolling forecast. Hence the need for business financial planning services and analysis.

    With Darby Finance on your team, your company gains access to professional budgeting, management reporting, and forecasting tools, as well as a market-leading business planning tool, all at a dramatically lowered cost. Our consultant team has worked with global Fortune 50 companies that have spent decades improving their FP&A processes and analytics.

    We also analyze the different components of any deal or negotiation to help our clients understand the impact to their budget so they can make better financial decisions. With clear, customizable reports and presentations, our clients have graduated from making important decisions on the back of a napkin, to gaining access to the same budgeting processes and insightful analyses that larger competitors have benefited from for decades.

    Benefits of Business Financial Planning and Analysis

    • Transparent budgeting and analysis, leading to better financial decisions for your company.
    • Access to multiple reporting tools that provide you the analysis needed to increase profits and achieve financial goals.
    • Cloud-based deliverables like interactive dashboards, scorecards, and detailed financial reporting that are customizable to your business.
    • Presentation-ready reports, with our advanced reporting Excel add-in.
    • What-if scenarios to evaluate risks and opportunities as they present themselves.
    • Data-driven strategic planning to define a long-term vision for your company’s success.

    What Do You Receive?

    You’ll receive full Financial Planning and Analysis coverage for your business, giving you access to a high-energy, professional, and experienced Fortune 50 team of financial consultants. In addition, you’ll also receive:

    Business Financial Planning - Annual Budgets and Forecasts

    Annual Budget & Forecasts

    We coordinate and develop your company’s annual bottoms-up budget and rolling forecast, leading to informed decisions.

    Business Financial Planning - Management Reporting

    Management Reporting

    We provide a full financial review each month. You’ll receive web-based analytics as well as custom reports and presentations.

    Business Financial Planning - Decision Support

    Decision Support

    We provide decision support (‘what-if’ analysis) to evaluate risk and opportunities so you can make well informed decisions.

    Case Study

    Providing FP&A Services for a Fast-Growing Energy Services Company

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