• Build intelligent dynamic financial budgets and forecasts to make better financial decisions

    Darby helps growing energy companies drive better decisions through time-tested Financial Planning & Analysis processes. This process starts with creating a dynamic, bottoms-up budget.

    Forecast all 3 Financial Statements

    Our budgeting tool’s integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement eliminates the challenge of creating and maintaining a comprehensive financial model in a spreadsheet. It provides over 20+ powerful forecasting methods (both turn-key and customizable), which allow us to project for up to five (5) years. These include intelligent, turn-key methods, plus the ability to build custom business drivers, including non-financial data.

    Unlimited Budgeting Flexibility

    Our business planning tool provides a flexible structure that enables us to create simple high-level small business budget or a detailed multi-department operating budget with consolidations.

    Accurately Plan with Rolling Forecasts

    Things change and as the year moves along. As actual results are coming in, we’ll be able to adapt quickly and forecast the upcoming months with more accuracy in a rolling forecast. You’ll get a sober view of where you stand, be more prepared to adapt to changes in seasonality, all while keeping your original budget in place.

    Budget & Forecasting Tool

    With the use of a market-leading business planning tool, Darby dramatically lowers the cost (and time required) of delivering these services. Nearly all of our time will be spent in value-added conversations with you, not building/maintaining complicated budgeting and forecasting Excel-based models.

    Features of our budget & forecasting tool includes:

    • Ability to Build an Unlimited # of Analyses per Company
    • QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero & Excel Import
    • Import up to 5 years of Actual Results
    • Budget / Forecast for up to 10 years
    • Pre-built Integrated Financial Statement Structure
    • Automatically solved Cash Flow Statement
    • 20+ Standard Forecasting Methods
    • Archive Budget Feature
    • Forecast using Non-Financial Data
    • Payroll Utility
    • Sub-Totaling Feature to Group Accounts
    • Notes Payable and Line of Credit Tools
    • Consolidate Unlimited # of Projections
    • Financial Ratios
    • Business Valuation Tool
    • Standard Report Export to PDF, Word, & Excel

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