Financial modeling…it’s how energy leaders make better financial decisions.

Financial modeling helps organizations see the big picture to make better investment decisions. We utilize a variety of valuation methodologies, including discounted cash flow models, comparable transactions, market multiples and Monte Carlo simulations to value proposed investments and projects.

Financial modeling consultants in Houston

Company & Asset Valuation

We utilize a variety of valuation approaches, including discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, comparable transactions/companies and market multiples to value assets and companies. Our consultants have conducted hundreds of valuations, ranging from multi-billion dollar assets that require investment to detailed company valuations that support acquisition and divestiture activities.

Financial Communications

A successful investment or strategic decision requires insightful, clear, visually appealing and well-written communications designed for senior level investors, executives and boards of directors. Darby Energy Finance helps companies formulate clear and compelling financial and engineering presentations on complex energy topics.

Financial and Engineering Presentations
Investment Pitch Book Designer

Investment Pitch Books

To attract the right investors, you need to present a clear and compelling investment case.  Darby Energy Finance assists both companies and investment banks with creating professional pitch books that strike the right balance between describing the investment opportunity and presenting robust economics and risk analysis.

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